Repair & Fix Access Database File Errors

Know about your MS Access Database:

What is a ‘Database’? Basically, Database is a collection of data or information that the user stores. The MS Access database is comprised of tables, objects, macros, reports, forms, queries and modules. Those versions of MS Access application which are older than 2007, creates the databases with file extension .mdb while the newer versions create databases with .accdb file extension. By using the Access database, the user can perform different operations on the data. That is, he can add, delete, edit, organize, view and share the data stored within the database.

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Reasons that could lead to corruption of Access Database:

There can be a number of instances on the occurrence of which the Access database might start showing abnormal behavior. In extreme cases, the database might turn corrupt, damaged or completely inaccessible that could result in loss of important data stored within it. Some examples of such mishap scenarios are:

  • Virus Attack
  • Software malfunctioning
  • Storage media corruption
  • Accidental system shutdown
How to get rid of the Access Database corruption?

To retrieve the data items of your corrupt Access database you need to repair access database fie. There are certain methods and options using which you can recover your database. Let us go through them:

  1. First method is to use the ‘Compact and repair database’ option present within the access database to repair access database. To start the repair process, click on Tools » Database Utilities » Compact and Repair Database. When the dialog box opens, follow the instructions to start the access recovery process.
  2. Secondly, you can run the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code that makes use of Compact Database method of either Microsoft Data Access Objects (DAO) or Microsoft Jet and Replication Objects (JRO).
  3. The aforementioned methods do not always provide assured recovery. There is another database compacting utility available i.e. Jet compact utility (Jetcomp.exe) which is provided by Microsoft Product Support Services. It provides access database recovery by compacting the database without even opening it. The other utilities, on the contrary, open and close the database before attempting to compact it. And if the database is unable to open then the utilities fail to perform the operation.

Generally, users regain the lost data  and repair access database by using any of these aforementioned methods but sometimes there might emerge a scenario where these three methods fail to deliver the expected results. At such an instance, you can opt for using a commercial utility of Access Database repair. Access file repair is one such sophisticated and efficacious utility that enables to repair access database with precision. It is embedded with two powerful repair modes- Standard Mode and Template Mode which can be chosen depending upon whether the corruption is minor or major respectively.

Features of Access Repair Software:
How to create MS access database?
There are three methods available for creating a new access database:
  1. By using a Database Wizard: To create an access database with the help of a Database wizard, follow the steps mentioned below:
    1. On the toolbar, click New.
    2. Now open New file » Templates » My computer
    3. Click Databases tab and select the kind of database that needs to be created. Click Ok.
    4. A ‘File New Database’ dialog box appears. Provide the name and location to the database and then click on Create option.
    5. Complete the process by following the instructions that come up in the Database Wizard.
  2. By using a Template: This is one of the quickest methods to create a database. Follow the instructions below to create the database by using a template:
    1. On the toolbar, click New.
    2. Now, within the New File task pane » Templates search for a specific template or click the option ‘Templates on Office Online’ to choose a template.
    3. After selecting the Access template, simply click Download. You can also choose a blank database if you already have a design in your mind. Tables, forms, reports, objects can be easily added into that blank database.
  3. Creating empty database without using a database wizard: The third method is to create an empty database without making use of a database wizard. You can go through the following steps to proceed:
    1. On the toolbar, click New.
    2. Now click New File task pane » New » Blank Database
    3. A ‘File New Database’ dialog box appears. Provide the name and location to the database and then click on Create option.

The Database window appears in which you can create objects of your choice.

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